gtx 760 or R9-280x for an i5-650 cpu?

I know that r9-280x is way powerful than the gtx 760 but if bought the r9-280x I may face a major bottleneck.

I just wanted to know which is better for my processor will the r9-280x still beat the gtx 760 after a bottleneck.

my processor is i5-650 3.20ghz 2cores/4threads with hyperthreading.

my motherboard is lga 1156 and iam not willing to upgrade sooner
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  1. The one you have is a dual core with hyperthreading, I am sure that it will bottleneck with R9-280x but not very high amount, it would be 15% avg on the performance. As of now get a R9 280x and I would suggest you to go with a better processor soon, if you have no idea about upgrading a CPU then you can get GTX 760. Good Luck !!
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