how to make hp 1350 psc printer print again after lsoftare was removed

I have cleared all my computer software to activate it to its original status, and thus lost my hp 1350 psc software and my printer stopped working. How to overcome this proble. I have serious difficulty in downloading software via the intent. I would appreciate help!
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  1. You will have to use a computer that's got internet access (eg friend, neighbour, public library) and download your drivers on to a pen drive. You can get your printer driver & related software from HP's own website. Just make sure you select the appropriate country first at bottom-left of this HP page if United Kingom is not appropriate:

    In fact, if you install your computer's network drivers first (from your PC manufacturer's website), you will then be able to connect to the internet on your own PC then download all the other drivers you need.
  2. Thanks Phiilp, it did work. Excellent and straightforward instructions.
    My printer is functional new. Great!
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