Can't change the windows 7 proxy setting

Hello everybody !

I have an issues on my new windows 7 64 bits. Changing the proxy settings is impossible...

Here is my problem:
I want to change the proxy settings so I go to "local network settings" and I unselect the "automatic detection", I select script configuration and add the address where my script is. Then click OK. If I go back to "local network settings" the automatic detection is still selected and it's like I didn't change anything.

I tried several things like changing some values in the registry but nothing worked so far...

I thought it could be a software that is keeping from changing the proxy parameter but I freshly formatted my computer with a new windows 7 so it I didn't install anything yet exept office pack and nod32...

After looking hours over the web I hope someone can help me here because I'm running out of idea to solve this problem...

Thank you !!
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    Have you tried removing NOD32 and testing it?

    It may be some form of protection to prevent http hijacking. I'm not aware of any Windows functionality that behaves in this manner (i.e. local/group policy would not allow any change).
  2. Thank you noise !

    nod32 was keeping me from changing the proxy. It worked when nod32 was uninstalled.
    After reinstalling it I looked for the setting that was doing this and it is actually the HIPS protection that must be unselected to be able to change the proxy.

    Thanks again :)
  3. Daerken how do you delete nod32
  4. How do you delete the nod32?
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