phenom ii x4 965 upgrade

So I was feeling the itchvto upgrade for 4 months now and im in love with the new fx 8350 I just wanna know if its a viable upgrade from the phenom ill update both the mobo and cpu btw.
I game generally at a res 1440x900 and ill start a new channel to add some cool vids
What kind of frame boost id expect to get while playing both old and modern games
Thanks for any help
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  1. I have the asus gtx 670 direct cu ii btw
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    Go with FX 8320 and a Gigabyte 970a-ud3p or a 990fxa-ud3 and you will be all set. It is definitely a good cpu upgrade. Your GPU tends to matter a bit more, though. If it is weak, a CPU upgrade won't do much for gaming. It will, however, help if you intend to record your games for your videos.
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