Cant find CDROM for 1st boot option in bios

I booted my pc for the first time and i can't install my operating system and i found out that its because i need to have as a First boot option CDROM instead of Hard Drive. I went in the Bios settings but i cant find the CDROM to choose it, there is only Sata : (the number of the Hard drive), UEFI: Built-in EFI Shell and Disabled.. What should i do?
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    When it is booting up press either F12 or F9 and it should take you to the boot option, then you can select which one you want to pick (BUT it won't set it as first boot, it will only let you set it first as long as it is on). Then you can install Windows.
    If it does not show, then you may have not connected it properly to the cable or motherboard or it might not work.
  2. how do you have your dvd drive connected?

    all new drives are by a sata cable. make sure you have this plugged in. perhaps try a different slot (try one of the low numbered sata spots)
    all new drives also require a sata power cable from the psu. make sure you have this pluged in.
    double check your connections and if failure try a different cable or plug to doublecheck.

    the screen should look something like this (except of course boot device 1 would be cdrom, boot device 2 would be hdd)

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