Will there be enough room?

Hello everyone. So i got a old free pc from my uncle.
4GB Crosair DDR2 Max performance Memory.
550WATT Supply
Amd athlon 2 core.
And then planing on putting my old 9600GT in just for fun and a testing pc :).
But i only have 2 spare harddrives
1 = 160GB But bad sectors.
2 = 60GB Western digital Raptor sata 1 15000RPM.
I was planing on using the 60GB for windows 7, Is 60Gb Enough to run windows 7 stable?.

Thank's regards Nick.
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    Yeah 60gb is enough for windows 7. It should take abut 20gb or so.
  2. Okay thanks for you're help! :)
  3. 15k rpm drives are hot, noisy, and power hungry. I wouldn't suggest you to go with such option. Get a 7200 rpm normal wd hdd which will provide you more space than raptor at same price.
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