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Hey everyone I recently bought a gtx 770 to replace my msi twin frozen 660. My 660 used to run 60c max. Now this 770 is topping 80+ and that's only because I capped the temp at 80. Nvidia states 94 is the max the card can handle but to me 80 is a bit ridiculous. My case is the corsair 600t wth plenty of airflow. So please tell me if I'm doing something wrong here

Front fan : Bitfenix 200mm

Top exhaust: 2 stock 140 mm

Rear exhaust: corsair quiet series 140 mm.
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  1. Do you have it OC'd? 80+ is definitely warm for a 770. Also, reference cooler?
  2. Have you had the card for a while?
    I would check for dust in the heatsink fins. I would blow the card out with some compressed air and see if that helps, especially if it was running cooler for a while before.
  3. If all else seems to fail, depending on what software you use, you usually can set a custom fan curve that'll ramp up the fans RPM's automaticalls once it reaches a certain temperature. My Gigabyte GTX 770 never goes above 65c, and there is no reason yours should be reaching 80+.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. My card has the Titan style cooler on it. Idk if that's considered reference. I just bought the card a few days ago
  5. The reference card will run warmer than a non-reference card. You can take the GPU fan off auto and push the RPMs up a little. Do you have the mesh or window panel on the side of your 660T?
  6. So for this card I should expect Around the temps I'm getting? I'm ok with the temps S long as it's normal and not hurting the card
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    Yes you should expect those temps. They're very similar to the temps that Tom's got in their review.,3519-26.html

    The max temp for a 770 is 98C. Obviously you want the temperatures lower and I would try to find a way to add some cooler air to the GPU fan intake. Also make sure your GPU fan is kicking on. Try raising the RPMs on the fan or edit the auto fan curve.
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