Is my system infected?


Today I powered up my computer and when it had loaded up and I were at the desktop, it began opening nearly all of my programs, and it even tried to format my external harddrive, but I were fast enough to close the window and turn off the computer. Now, I've rebooted the computer and now everythings fine. I've scanned the computer using Malware-Bytes and avast! and none of the programs show any infected files. My computer wouldn't just out of nowhere, trying to format my computer and try to open all of my programs. I'm just worried if it has a keylogger inside, so I don't really dare to open up Steam and log in, since I have used a lot of money on my Steam account. So my question is: Am I safe now?
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    This seems a bit fishy indeed.
    Have you tried to install or run any programs out of the ordinary recently?
    If Avast is updated regularly, I would think it would be pretty hard to have a virus do something like this without avast notifying you. Also, a good virus would format the drive without letting you know.
    I'm thinking some keys on the keyboard were "stuck." Either being pressed by accident or Windows is "seeing" keys being pressed and held down. For example, I’ve seen plenty of times where a Bluetooth keyboard will randomly "freeze" and keep repeating the same key on the screen.
  2. I think it was just as you said. Some of the keys were maybe stuck and opened a couple of keys or something. After the reboot, nothing happened, and everythings safe.
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