I think my hard drive is causing low fps

my hard drive is making a soft grinding noise under heavy loads and believe it's causing frame drops in games. I dropped my pc about a month ago and its been doing it ever since

my specs
gtx 780 ti
fx 8350
wd 500gb hdd
gskill ripjaw 1600
roswill lightning 800w psu
msi 970a g46 mobo
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  1. Hard drive making grinding noises? And only doing this after being dropped?

    You need a new hard drive.
  2. very much doubt it more likely either your processor or gpu is throghtile due to tempature of power restrictions im leaning towards tempatures can you use HW monitor to check you cpu and gpu temps?
  3. My gpu is at 27°C and in heavy loads never goes above 35°C my cpu is at 28°C and never goes above 60°C even when overclocked I have a Cooler master liquid cooler
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