Can I get WinXP to run on MSI H81M-E33 V2?

My old motherboard (ASUS P5WD2 Premium w/ Pentium D something (D960?)) died. I am running Windows XP. I bought a MSI H81M-E33 V2, an Intel Pentium G3220 (4th gen, Haswell), a stick of DDR3 RAM, and a SATA DVDRW drive to hopefully get my system running again on the old hard drive without reinstalling the OS or moving to Win7. I reused my old video card (ASUS PCIe-based card) because there is no WinXP driver for Haswell graphics. As expected, I get the STOP error when booting. I have downloaded and burned Hiren's BootCD to install an updated hard drive controller driver, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. Do I have any chance of this working on XP on the 4th gen hardware using generic drivers for the Intel chipset on the motherboard? I have a couple Linux installs on the machine (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and 13.04), and they both simply booted and ran on the new hardware without having to touch anything. As for Win XP, am I much better off returning the motherboard and CPU and getting a 3rd gen (Ivy bridge) motherboard and CPU and dealing with the smaller set of driver problems those will present? There is Win XP support for that generation. I realize the best choice may be buying a new hard drive and Win7 and just starting over. Thanks for any input!
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  1. Moving to a new motherboard and CPU almost always requires a fresh install.
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    Intel Series 8 chipset motherboards have no support for Windows XP.
  3. Is your SATA controller in IDE mode? If it's in AHCI or RAID mode, then the system will very likely crash with error 0x0000007B.
  4. Thank you for the responses. Based on your feedback and the fact that there is no WinXP driver support for this motherboard on MSI's website indicates I bought the wrong hardware for WinXP. I'll return it and get Ivy bridge CPU and motherboard and perhaps a new hard drive for a clean install of WinXP.
  5. You should really look to ditching XP completely. 70 days and counting for any support from MS. After that, yo are exposed.
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