Need help choosing a video card

Currently I have an NVIDIA GeForce GT520 but I'm looking to get a better video card around the $100 range. I don't need an amazing card, but I'd like to play games on at least medium settings and have it run smooth. I'm not very knowledgeable on video cards but I think I decided on the Radeon HD 7750.However, I see that there are lots of brands selling the same card. Any suggestion on which one is best or if there's a real difference? Or if there's a better card out there for around the same price I'm open to suggestions. Also, my motherboard says it's designed for PCI express 2.0. Will 3.0 cards still work on this?
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    Yes, 3.0 cards will work.

    I'd get a Sapphire HD 7750, it's a very reliable brand.
  2. You could get a 7770 for under $100

    And, 3.0 cards are backwards compatible
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