ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 - Sata Ports (Connection Options)

My Mobo has the following:

4 x Light Blue - 3GBs Sata Z68 Intel

1. I have a Pioneer DBR-206 Blu Ray
2. 2TB HD
3. 2TB HD
4. Icy Box HD Hotswap (contains a 500GB HD)

2 x Grey 6GBs Sata Z68 Intel

1. 600GB 6GBs System Disk
2. Empty

2 x Dark Blue Marvell 6GBs

1. Empty
2. Empty

A. I have an Akasa I/O drive on the front offering eSATA (Not overly worried about this a I have Hot Swap)
B. I have an additional 500GB HD
C. I have an additional 2TB HD

My questions are: What would I connect to the Marvel 6GBs sata ports ?
If I connect two additional HDs where should I place them?
Can the Blu Ray run off either the Z68 6GBs or Marvell ports ?
Also when will this bloody rain stop??? (UK)

Cheers in advance.
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  1. The Marvell ports are just an alternative. They are (arguably) faster than the Intel ports, but transfer rates really depend on several things: Device, compatibility, and data being transfered. So to answer your questions:

    1. Anything you'd like, but you'll need to install the Marvell drivers, if you haven't done so already.

    2. Really doesn't matter, unless you're going to build a RAID. BIOS reads SATA ports lowest number to highest number, so put your boot drive on the lowest number.

    If building a RAID, ensure that the array is on the same controller (I.E. Intel OR Marvell).

    3. Tuesday.
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