Need advise on OS for new build - Win XP Pro to Win 8 Pro to 8.1 Pro upgrade question

Doing my first build and need advise on best route to take for the OS.

I would like to install Windows 8.1 Pro on my new build and in looking at the different options, it would appear that I need to get the Windows 8.1 Pro system builder OEM DVD to do it. I am also a college student on a limited budget, so I am always looking to get the best deal I can, so I had another thought.

I have a Windows XP professional SP3 disc, that I have used to re-install XP Pro on my current Pentium machine whenever I formatted or had a problem that required repair. Microsoft offers a Windows 8 Pro upgrade student offer download on their site, which I can take advantage of with my student ID at a much cheaper price. What would be the best course to take on this new build?

1) - install Windows XP Pro SP3 on the new build from the disc I currently have, then purchase the Windows 8 Pro upgrade student offer - upgrade to 8 Pro with the download - then upgrade to 8.1 Pro for free


2) - purchase the Windows 8.1 Pro system builder DVD and go from there

I really would love it if the XP Pro SP3 to Win 8 Pro upgrade would work as it would save me some much needed bucks, but I don't want to mess up anything on my new system either. Any thoughts on whether this XP Pro to 8 Pro to 8.1 Pro would work with no problems?
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  1. You're in luck.

    Usually you have to pay close to £200 for Windows 8.1 Pro, but you can purchase THIS copy, and upgrade from your current XP disc.

    Best of luck!
  2. That should work. You won't be able to keep anything from the XP installation, but the upgrade scenario should be OK.

    This is for XP -> Win8.1, but it says it should work
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