16GB of ram, but Windows sees only 12 - Asus X79 Deluxe mobo + Gskill ram

Hello, I have a brand new PC. I bought a pack of 4x4GB gskill ram.
In the BIOS there are 4 pieces. But in Windows and in the advanced window of the bios it sees 4GB less.

I have tried with XMP diabled, profile 1 and 2, but nothing changes.
Please take a look below:

Can anybody suggest what/how to do?
The rams have been installed according to the mobo instructions, all in the *1 slots.

please help
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    you may have a bad dimm or slot, try to place them all on the second slot,
    if the problem still persists, try playing with the dims to find wish one is bad like trying one at a time.

    try rebooting several times, it was the solution to similar problems to yours
  2. Thanks. You;re right. One DIMM is broken :/
    A brand new one :(
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