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Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but I was wondering how I could potentially upload 720p and 1080p videos to youtube.
Currently I have the hardware to do so. I can record full size w/ fraps in 1920x1080 resolution w/o any fps problems.
The software I am currently using is fraps -> record full or half size at 60fps then compress w/ VirtualDub.
I also have Windows Movie Maker and Camtasia Studio 7 that I could use.
If anyone has any expertise or knowledge as to how these programs can record -> render -> compress in a format that is uploadable to youtube at 720p or 1080p quality that is greatly appreciated.
I am unsure why, but all my videos only show quality options up to 360. Whenever I am able to get 1080, there does not seem to be a quality difference in the graininess (spellling?) between 360 and 1080.
I would preferably like to record in half size to save some hard drive space -> Resolution 1920x1080/2 = 960x540. Is there any way such a resolution can render into 720 or 1080 w/ decent quality?

Videos can be found at

Any feedback is appreciated.
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  1. What format (container) are you currently using when you compress with VirtualDub? Is it h.264, .avi, or some other container? You could try something like Handbrake or MPEG Streamclip to compress the files.
  2. Compressing w/ h.264 and saving as a .avi file. So the container would be h.264.
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    I looked at your YouTube channel and changed the default from 360 to 1080 and, like you, could not see any difference. Before I upload a video to YouTube I export the video as .mp4 (h.264) with the highest settings possible (2 pass and a variable bit rate). Though this adds to the file size it helps maintain the quality of the video. Since I primarily edit in Adobe Premiere I used Adobe Media Encoder to encode the videos. Try Handbrake ( or MPEG Streamclip ( to export the file as an .mp4 (h.264) file and see if that helps. Both of those programs are free downloads. I have both and have used them on various occasions. I don't recommend software I haven't personally used. Unless I am mistaken the .avi files have a tendency to be quite large.
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