Red and Blue squares on screen, following the computer freezing when playing games

Hello, first post so bare with me.

I recently built my first gaming rig a week ago, everything has been fine until recently. I booted up Grand Theft Auto 4 after playing Battlefield 3 for about an hour. I tried to boot up multiplayer but the game froze and displayed red squares all over my screen.


I booted up Crysis 2 as well to test this, and ran into the same issue, except with blue squares.


I am over clocking both my CPU and GPU.
My rig:
Intel i7 4920K
Asus GTX780ti DirectCU II OC
Asus X79 Deluxe MB
Cosair H100i
16 GB DDR3 RAM 1600
Cooler Master v850 PSU
LG Flatron E2260 (1080p 60hz monitor)

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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  1. What kind of temps you seeing with your gpu? Are you getting these artifacts when you drop your overclock? Tried reinstalling video drivers?

    Most likely an overclocking issue. Could be getting too hot. Is possible that the gpu is bad as well...lets explore everything else first though.
  2. GPU temperatures seem to be normal floating around 40 degrees C (according to GPU-Z). I dropped the over clocking in the GPU but I still get these issues. I will try reinstalling the video drivers to see what happens.

    I booted up Tomb Raider for further testing, everything seemed to be fine for 10-15 minutes until I tried to close down the game when it stopped responding and I couldn't see the task manager to end the task.
  3. Try dropping all your overclocking while you are at to start fresh while we try to isolate the problem.
  4. Also, what voltages and clocks you running everything at?
  5. Maybe it didn't apply last time I did it, but I turned my GPU overclocking completely off and Grand Theft Auto 4 worked completely fine (10 minute test). Would there be an issue with overclocking a new GPU and playing old games or is this still possibly a defect?

    Here is an album of my bios settings, I believe the voltage is set to 'auto':
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