Is the Razer Blade 14" worth the money?

So I need a Slim, Portable, Fast laptop thats at least 14". So far These two are the ones ive been looking at
MSI GS70 Stealth
Razer Blade 14"
Some lenovo gaming laptop

So yeah please help! And it has to be under $1,900
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    fuzzyframes said:
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    Yes. I just purchased the 14" Blade, 128gb ssd about a week ago. It's a great choice for a portable laptop if you need something powerful. It is currently on a 20% discount if you provide your student email although the 128gb SSD one is sold out now. The screen isn't anything special but if you put on a pair of Gunnar's it makes the screen look amazing. Everything else is otherwise perfect. I would recommend it because the build quality is just incredible. I've never seen such a well built laptop. It has no flex; it just feels like a thin, but solid metal device. You won't regret buying one. It's beautiful and deadly. The Razer is by far the highest quality of the three, however I would go with a Lenovo if you would rather spend less on a laptop.
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