Odd Power/BIOS issues with new build

I just built a new system that I am planning to use for an HTPC build.

Cooler Master Elite 130 case
Intel Celeron G1610
Cooler Master Siedon 120V CPU cooler
Enermax 450Watt PSU
Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI mini-ITX
EVGA GTX285 FTW Graphics Card

So I have a few issues, every time I plug the power cable in, the computer automatically starts, I don't even push the power button. Then it turns itself off after a few seconds, then on, then off, then on again, and then finally loads to a screen saying BIOS is corrupted, loading from backup BIOS.

It loads and then it restarts itself and I'm into the BIOS. I save and exit, and it tries to load the OS. So everything seems fine.

I pull the power cable and then plug it back in, and it does the same thing, and has to reload the corrupted BIOS again, after it's turned itself off and on about three times.

Think I'm also having problem with the front bezel of the case causing issues with the power button, so I've removed it in the meantime while I troubleshoot these other issues. (Note this doesn't stop the computer from turning itself off and on three times and BIOS recovery.)

Also, for liquid cooling, this Celeron is only 55W, but it seems to idle at 58-59 degrees Celsius while it sits in BIOS, which seems high to me. I'm more than sure it's seated properly, as I realized at one point I didn't have it seated properly and adjusted it and that made it better.

Thanks for any help, guys.
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  1. First step is to try a different PSU. The CPU is 100% busy while in the BIOS menu.
  2. Oddly, I thought I already replied on this thread. Anyways, the issue turned out to be a setting in BIOS for the power button. It was set to instantly turn off the machine when the power button is pushed. I set it to having to wait 4 seconds before turning it off. (holding it for 4 seconds.) That seems to have resolved all my power issues, and also turned out there was no issues with my bezel, it was just my weird power issues. Not sure why that instant off when the power button is pushed caused so many issues, but it works now. I think all the reboots in quick succession was screwing up the BIOS and that's why it kept reloading the BIOS.

    So now it's working fine, except the CPU running hot. Does it actually use 100% in BIOS? Why is that? If so, maxing out at 59 Celsius isn't a real issue probably.
  3. 59°C is not an issue.
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