Car speaker(subwoofer) for home audio

I have 2 speakers that has been fitted into a wooden box, maybe its already been like that, My brother gave them to me and I am 100% sure they're a car speakers. My mom is going to sell them for $50 but I dont thing its worth $50, So im keeping them. I need to know is it possible to use it for home audio??. If yes, How?

2 x 12 inches Punch Black Sub-Speakers in a black box covered by soft black cotton like.
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  1. An AV receiver for home usually has a line level output for the sub woofer.

    If your car sub woofer has its own amplifier, all you need to do is power it and use the amplifier input.
    Input voltage and current for the amplifier should be labelled on it. Probably DC12V for use in a car.

    If there is no amplifier, you need to find a suitable amplifier for the impedance of the speakers. Perhaps you could use a car amplifier.
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