install windows 8.1 64bit and not 32bit

I bought windows 8,1 via my university. And the downloadlink stated that it was a multiple version with 32bit and 64bit.
ThHe download gave me a windows 8 setup program, which seemed very nice, i could choose my usb stick and it downloaded windows on it, made it bootable, and the clean install went very smooth.

However, the version was 32bit, and i rather had the 64bit version installed.
On what point of the windows 8.1 setup can i choose to install the 64bit version?
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  1. I found the problem. What i bought was an "upgrade". And I downloaded the installation on a 32bit machine, so the downloader automatically gave me the 32bit version. It is not possible to download the 64bit version on a 32bit machine.
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