MSI GTX 660 not detected in bios after crash

Hi All,

I just built a new PC a week ago and all seemed to have worked fine until today:??:. The following is my build:

CPU: i7-4770
RAM: 8G G.Skill 1600
MB: MSI H87M-E33
GFX: MSI GTX 660 OC with 2G RAM

The issue is that while I was gaming (diablo 3), I went to graphics options and changed the mode to windowed mode. This seemed to have caused the graphics card to crash. The fan on the card is spinning like crazy. (note only started the game, don't think it was overheat). After that I rebooted the PC, it seemed to be fine, until I repeated the same thing again thinking the previous crash was a glitch. After this, the computer crashed again, and I can no longer get signal from the graphics card.

I have then plugged into the on-board graphics and it started okay with the graphic cards still spinning like crazy in the background. I went to the MSI board explorer and it says PCI Express Slot is empty!!!

After that I just cannot get the card to work, I have tried to:
- Move the memory around
- Re-attached the card, the power connectors
- Stop start the PSU
- Updated the bios to the latest revision (5.5)

but no luck. The symptom is that as soon as the PC starts, the fan on the graphics card will spin at very high speed (can tell from the noise), and it seemed that there is no card installed on the PCIe slot at all.

Any ideas?

ps. I am not too sure now if it is a PCIe slot issue (MB issue) or Card Issue. But I am tempted to swap the card since I have only had it for a week.

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    Maybe You can get another card to test PICE-E slot? Anyway it seems You should RMA it.
  2. Thanks NoOneLt, I will RMA it tomorrow and post the result.
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