Transforming my pc into A LAN compatible one?

Hey! It's me again. I haven't been around for a while. About two months ago, I built my pc, and I cheaped out on the case because I knew that I wasn't gonna be able to afford one that I wanted. So now I want to get a better case and stuff. So basically I've decided that I would like a Corsair AIR 540, but I was wondering would it be compatible with a h105 push pull? I've got the thickness as 38mm +50mm (push pull SP120 HP editions) which is 88mm. I know the Phantom 530 is compatible, but I really like the 540. Oh and my motherboard is an ATX
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  1. Yes is should be easily compatible with it !
  2. I don't mean to question your answer, but do you have any evidence or something to back that up, I'm questioning if that has 88mm+ of clearance.
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    I believe the h105 will fit because it's similar to the h100i in dimensions with exception that the 105 is 11mm thicker. I simply went to newegg and read a few reviews with the air 540 and there were about 8 different users with the h100i. If you're that concerned perhaps consider getting the h100i instead as there are other users already happy with it in this particular case (no pun intended!).

    UPDATE: I did some research and found this guy:
    used a radiator with these dimenions: 276x123x47mm for a custom liquid cooling loop.

    The h105 is 270mm x 120mm x 38mm and should fit just fine! Now, the guy did do some cutting and other mods so double check again if you can but I don't forsee it being an issue. I also used pcpartpicker which has a compatibility algorithm and it showed no issues when selecting this case and the h105.

    Straight from the horses mouth:
    The air 540 is listed as compatibility with the h105 (see above link for verification)!
  4. Basically answers my question. But to confirm this is PUSH PULL not push or pull?
  5. Push pull is pretty much the standard. I would assume so. I have no confirmation from either source to give you a more definitive answer.
  6. Thank you!
  7. You're welcome! Glad I could help!
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