AMD Phenom II x6 1100t Black Edition only @ 2600MHz?


I am new to overclocking, and I want to increase the frame rate in FSX/P3D which I know is CPU hungry software.

I have an ASUS M4N98TD EVO Mobo anda Zotac GTX480 GPU. I installed Turbo V from Asus to overclock the CPU (I tried AMD OverDrive, but the mobo does not have the AMD chipset, as I used to run 2xGTX480's in SLi, and the mobo is designed for NVidia SLi).

I also downloaded CPU-Z and Prime95 to stress test. I started Turbo V in Race Car mode and got 2519MHz max, Jet Plane 2577Mhz max and Rocket 2618Mhz max?

The CPU is meant to be 3300MHz standard, so why am I only getting 2600MHz when overclocked?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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  1. Never OC CPU from withing OS. Use bios settings to OC. Also I would recommend an aftermarket cooler for your processor before doing any OCing. Install a program such as HWMonitor so you can watch your temps during testing. Keep temps under 62 for this CPU.
  2. hey,the reason you have those kind of core clock is because theres a power saving feature called cool n quiet which lowers the core clock of the cpu when not in use or only browsing/watching video.Run a stress program or play a game and you'll see it go back to the standard clock.
  3. Ok, I have done some research, and because I'm using a Black Edition processor, all I need to do is adjust the multiplier. I have adjusted the multiplier to 19, so now running from 3300 to 3800, I also increased the voltage to 1.4325. The system is running fine now when I use PCMark for example or using FSX etc. The highest my CPU went up to is 50c in temp. However as soon as I run Prime95 I get BSOD?
  4. that means ur OC is unstable,u gotta pump ur cpu with more voltage
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