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Battery / Adapter / Charging Circuit problem? - Dell Studio 1555

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Last response: in Laptop Tech Support
February 1, 2014 4:25:24 AM

Can you please help me diagnose the problem component.

I have drilled down the issue to be one of these

    Charging Circuit


    Laptop works fine when connected directly to power using the adapter. (Battery removed) (Does that mean the Adapter is fine and that it can charge the battery?)
    Battery is not detected in windows. It stopped showing the battery icon. (I went to device manager, uninnstalled battery related components and restarted an resintalled. Still, not detected. It is not a windows detection probelm)
    BIOS recongnizes the battery. (It gives me a warning stating battery is low when I switch on my laptop WITHOUT the adapter)
    Battery has an LED indicator - it is at the lowest level - implying little charge. (It could be that battery is dead / battery was not delivered current by chargin circuit).

My analysis so far

    Since the adapter is able to power my laptop without the battery - it means it is able to provide the required amps and voltage for the motherboards - So no issue with adapter.
    So issue is either with the battery or with a circuit in between adapter power socket and battery socket.

What do you feel is the issue here?

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a c 391 D Laptop
February 1, 2014 4:37:12 AM

Hi, the easiest way is to buy a new battery, because if the problem is in the charging circuit, do you have the expertise to repair the motherboard.
February 1, 2014 4:44:38 AM

I do agree. I was considering a new laptop if I can manage.

But before that I just wanted to make sure issue is not with adapter. (I just checked the contacts between battery and main board. Seems fine. No dust etc.)

My diagnosis is issue is not adapter. What do you feel wrt this situation?
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a c 391 D Laptop
February 1, 2014 4:54:33 AM

I don't think the adapter is the problem, because if the adapter can't charge the battery, it will not power the laptop. How old is the battery, it is maybe at his end. If with the new battery you have the same problem, something on the motherboard is defective, and finding what it is could be time consuming.
February 1, 2014 4:57:56 AM

Thank you. I was not sure about " because if the adapter can't charge the battery, it will not power the laptop". Happy that you confirmed what I assumed.

Laptop is 5 years old :-)

So I guess 70% probability is that the battery died and 30% is that its a mainboard issue. In either case, I do not plan to fix it because the laptop is nearing EOL.

I hope I have not overlooked any factor.

Thank you so much.
a c 391 D Laptop
February 1, 2014 5:06:07 AM

You can still use it with the adapter, it will not be portable without the battery, it will need to be plug all the time.
February 1, 2014 5:08:41 AM

:-) Thanks. Had indeed considered that option. See you.