GTX 650 supports two 24-inch monitors?

I want to buy a GTX 650 from EVGA and connect two monitors DELL 2414H, one by DVI and the other via HDMI.
I'll use them to work with web development. Therefore, the maximum you will use the card will be with Photoshop.
My question is if the board supports two displays, the specifications it says the maximum resolution is 2560x1600 and each monitor has a resolution of 1920x1080.
thank you
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  1. yes, it does :)
  2. But what about the resolution? The video card supports only 2560 wide. And the two monitors together have 3840 wide.
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    the card support 1440p monitor max, on each output port. that means you can attach 3 1440p monitor with no problem at all, as you are going t run 2x 1080p monitor, and not one 3840 wide monitor.
    It will work with no problem
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