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What's up guys,

So basically Im running 133mhz G.Skill ram, I'm doing some editing and at the time I bought it I needa as much ram as I could for my money (32gb) trust it helps alot, however I now need it to run a tad faster (for benchmark and to speed up editing) so basically I know the story that overclocking ram isn't worth it but, I have read high quality ram can be overclocked and it does give some better performance. So basically can you guys give me so guides? And what not

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  1. I'm not really an expert, but something that you can do is go into your BIOS and raise you FSB(usually 100) by a little bit. Make sure you take it slow. Only raise it by 2 at first then one at a time. I wasn't able to bring mine up by any more than 5.5 bringing it to 105.5. If it becomes unstable windows will likely restart its self during the windows icon load screen. Simply drop it down to the previous speed. This will also raise your CPU speed a bit. I'd recommend downloading Prime95 and running it for at least 10-15 minutes every time you raise it a bit. Do this brought my gskill ripjaws from 1600 to about 1700. Hope it helps.
  2. Cheers mate I found a great video explaining how to do it, he got his 1600mhz to 2133mhz and it was stable! So I'm pretty keen to give it a crack! I'm if you want you should definitely check out his video could help you out too!!

    Just search Mylesizcat on YouTube channels and then his video called how to overclock your ram and yeah great video!
  3. Cool man. Lemme know how it goes.
  4. In away until Monday (Australian time) so check back then and ill be sure to update you on how I went!
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    its simple. Go to your bios. Go to overclocking section. you will see the ram clock/memory clock. It will be on auto. Change it to 1600 then you save. And you check stability. if its good then you can overclock more. but i dont recommend overclocking beyond 1600 as its not a great gain and you can lose your ram.
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