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This is the first system i've ever built, I have no prior experience.. I installed a system using a ASUS Z87-Pro motherboard, Intel i7 4770K processor, 2x8GB 1600 Mhz Corsair Vengeance CMY16GX3M2A1000C9 DDR3 Ram, ASUS GTX660 Direct2CU OC GPU, with Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB SSD and a Seagate 1TB 7200 rpm 64MB Sata 3 HDD, on a Xigmatec Assasin White 80plus 700W PSU case. And I installed a Coolermaster H212 Evo CPU cooler, just like it showed on a couple videos on Youtube and it showed on its manual. I installed Windows Professional -64bit on the system.

I have no idea what I did with BIOS, but I didn't play around with it much. I installed SSD on SATA 1 and HDD on SATA 2 ports (Not the odd colored ASMedia ports, regular 6G Sata ports).

First time I started the PC (before I installed Windows), it opened with "CPU cooler error - Press F1 for set up" warning. The rpm for CPU cooler was in red, I put it on Turbo, and now it works over minimum 600 rpm, though now and then it still gives me error.

Then I noticed my DIMMs were at 1333 Mhz, so I set them at 1600 Mhz, but they still show 1333 Mhz!!

and though the BIOS can see both my drives and my Kingston SSD drive shows as boot option 1 and Seagate as boot option 2 (until I hooked up my externai DVD drive, then the ASUS DVD player showed as boot option 2), after I initially installed Windows 7, Wİndows only showed my C: drive (Kingston SSD), but not the D: drive (Seagate HDD). And Once I started running the ASUS Z87-Pro support DVD to install drivers and utilities, once I tried to install "Intel Rapid Start Technology" which told me that my system should have an SSD installed to be able to use this feature, it would not install saying that my system does not meet minimum requirements.

So, I have the feeling that my system does not see my Kingston SSD as an SSD drive but a regular storage drive. My Windows start up after BIOS is pretty quick, but obviously this has more to do with the processor than SSD since it does not recognize it.

Then I went into BIOS, and reset my SATA Drives as AHCI (they were like this before too) and enabled hot plugging, and deleted windows, and reinstalled it. When reinstalling Windows, this time I deleted both C: and D: drives, reformatted and initialized them, and installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 64 bit on C: which is Kingston SSD.

Now, when I open "my computer", I can see both C: and D: drives there, with C: having the system and all programs installed on, and D: nothing installed on and sits there as storage (as it should be).

But BIOS still shows 1333 Mhz DIMMs, still gives me CPU Cooler error every now and then (not always), and I still can not install Intel Rapid Start technology because my system does not meet minimum requirements, which is having an SSD installed.

How can I fix this issue? What's going on here? I have no idea what I'm doing, nevermind what I'm doing wrong.. Can you please help?
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  1. The Fan Speed Error is a common problem on Asus boards. The BIOS is looking for a minimum 600 RPM fan speed at default. There is a setting in the BIOS to lower this minimum speed.

    To get your RAM speed up, enable "XMP Profile" in the BIOS. You may have more than one choice. See which works best.

    Can't help you on the IRST problem. Sorry.

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