Confused Need Help DDR3 or DDR5

so im confused should i get a "Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6670 1GB DDR5 GPU" or the "DDR3 1GB" Version.
Im confused because DDR5 of it cost's less then DDR3.. So which one should i get ?
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  1. Get the DDR5 memory one
  2. okay then.. any other good card in the same price range ? planning to buy an Fx-4300 Processor
  3. Some of the differences are as: -

    Memory speed of DDR3 is 800 MHz whereas for GDDR5 is 1000 MHz
    Memory bandwidth of DDR3 is 25.6GB/s whereas for GDDR5 is 64 GB/s
    Recommended Screen Size for DDR3 is 1366x768 and for GDDR5 is 1440x900

    Version with GRRD5 is faster than the standard version of DDR3.

    There are many OC versions of both in the market. Version with GDDR5 is faster one hence recommended.

    Happy Hunting.
  4. Okay so my monitor is 18.6" LED so the resolution is1366x768.. so can i go for the ddr5 Vesion ?
  5. @EasyLover check this out..,GRCD4F6RWVCTDGQW

    Its DDR5 800MHZ and even ddr3 is 800MHZ thats the reason im comfused
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    Sorry dear, Comparison above was of Radeon one not Sapphire. If you are on budgetary considerations buy DDR3 version, otherwise go for 7000 series. This comparison and user reviews are strange. One user has mentioned it to be a PCIe 3 where the specs are clearly mentioning it to be PCIe 2.
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