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hi guys , i actually decided to get haswell i5 4670k, but then some people said ivy bridge i5 3570k is better , get that instead. i am puzzled and i thought to ask you guys, what do you think shall i buy 4670k or 3570k?
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  1. Ivy Bridge
  2. I say Ivy Bridge because they can overclock to higher levels with lower voltages which is a very good advantage
  3. Haswell has 5-7% better IPC than Ivy which offsets the ~5% lower overclocks.

    However, Haswell has AVX2 and when more software, drivers, libraries, etc. get recompiled to include AVX2 optimization paths, Haswell may gain a significant performance advantage over Ivy.

    So, even though people do not like it for overclocking, Haswell is probably more future-proof.
  4. Thanks But i also want reasons why ivy bridge is better?
  5. taha2001 said:
    Thanks But i also want reasons why ivy bridge is better?

    The only two things at which Ivy is better is its 200-300MHz higher average overclock and ~7W lower TDP due to not having an integrated VRM.

    Haswell has a handful of architecture updates that should increase its clock-for-clock performance lead over Ivy Bridge in the future as applications, drivers, middleware, etc. gets recompiled for it.
  6. As said, it' mainly with overclocking. There are various physical differences between ivy and haswell (which you can read more about elsewhere) that makes it hotter/not able to dissipate heat as well as ivy bridge. But at stock settings a comparable haswell should be better than ivy, although only slightly.
    Even as far as prices go, Ivy is only $10 cheaper than the comparable haswell. Comparable motherboards also probably won't be too different in prices.

    It's not worth the money upgrading from ivy to haswell, but you might as well get the 4670k for the new computer
  7. ok thanks
  8. is asus z87-a a good mobo for i5 4670k??
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    taha2001 said:
    is asus z87-a a good mobo for i5 4670k??

    It's as fast you'll get them, but it depends on the features you want. I have that motherboard and I'm totally happy with it. If you can't see anything wrong with it, definitely buy it.

    As for the whole IB vs Haswell, be wary of the silicon lottery and IHS lottery. On average a IB may overclock higher, but it may not. I have a 4670k and it goes to 4.5GHZ at 1.265V. Which is pretty sweet. Not extraordinary, but it's on the stock cooler (I don't run it like that, obviously) so I'm sure it'd go at least 100MHz higher than that, probably even to 4.7GHz if I had a decent cooler on it.

    Of course, it's all a lottery. The differences are so tiny anyway, you won't see any improvement 99% of the time, unless you're doing some seriously heavy-duty CPU-bound work... For gaming, it's irrelevant. I went with Haswell mostly because it's newer, and I have no problem admitting. It's NEW!!!!!1
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