Screws not going back into retention bracket/motherboard

I was reapplying some thermal paste to the CPU on my computer. Managed to get it off fine and it was all good but now I've come to putting it back on and the screws now seem too small for the holes and I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong. Oh, and to add to it I can't find the manual that came with the CPU (which I figured would help) so if anyone has access to a AMD Phenom II Black Edition 965 manual that'd be swell (can't find one on the internet). Any help would be great, thanks.

PICTURES: where the screw was on the mobo the same thing with the retention bracket on top same again but with the screw in, bear in mind that this took literally no screwing, it just fell right in.

I know some of the pictures make it look a bit off but I've tried repeatedly to no avail to get the screws back in.
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    you might forget to put the backside bracket

  2. AMD Radeon said:
    you might forget to put the backside bracket

    So. It turns out I'm a massive idiot, haha.

    I mustn't have heard it fall when I took the screws off initially, but I just took off the other side panel of my case and it had fallen off. Funny thing is, I don't remember screwing it on in the first place back when I built the pc.

    Thanks a lot mate :D
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