ASRock Z87 Extreme 3 vs MSI Z87 G43 vs ASRock Z87 Pro 4 vs Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3

Hello everyone,

So I am looking into building a new PC and I would like some help on deciding on the motherboard. I am stuck between the ASRock Z87 Extreme3, ASRock Z87 Pro4, MSI Z87 G43 and the Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3.

All of the above motherboards are within the price range, and they are all very close together in price. I am going to be buying from Australia.

I will be running an i5 4670k, so a motherboard that supports overclocking would be nice. I will not be overclocking much at all. My GPU will be the Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X.

I am leaning towards the Extreme 3 due to the SLI and Crossfire capability, which may be nice for future GPU upgrades.

Are there any defining features of the other boards that may push you guys towards one of the others, or is the Extreme 3 a good bet?

I am open to other options, if anyone has another one.

Thanks for reading!
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    definetely not extreme 3 due to low quality mosfets on VRM , Z87 extreme 4 is much better ...
    get the gigabyte board in this price point ...
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