Program wants to install in appdata - safe?

So I was installing Clip Converter Desktop (a youtube download software - there is a web and desktop version) until it said it wanted to install in appdata. I don't really know what that folders for, but from experience most programs install in program files. So it makes me anxious to install it.

I did google it, but still don't really understand. I kind of got the idea that it lets programs have more privileges and bypass certain things... something like that? I could probably be way off mark.

Is this something to worry about - program wanting to install in appdata - or am I worrying for nothing?

Thank you for reading.
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  1. If you think Clip Converter Desktop is a trust worthy application, then let it do the installing for you. It really isn't something to worry about unless you know nothing about Clip Converter Desktop.
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    It's just defaulting to install in the current user space. You can change it to wherever you want.
  3. Nothing wrong dear. I installed it. Every thing is fine

    Don't worry just let it install.

    Happy Hunting.
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