H80i TIM material. Alternate TIM for Delid

Hi Guys,

Im using an H80i on my 4770K. Just wanted to know from personal experiences if the TIM that Corsair provide is any good? What would you recommend replacing it with? (Between IHS and copper block)

I might consider a delid down the line. What TIM is recommend in place of Intel's paste. (Between die and IHS)
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    most pastes are pretty similar performance wise. especially at the higher efficiency price bracket. tuniq and arctic do 2 of the best (for under 10 bux/7 quid), in the mx4 and silver 5 brands.
    pretty much every other brand will be within 1-2'c of these including the corsair branded 1.
  2. MX4.
  3. Is that for the delid or to replace Corsair's one?
  4. delidding wont give you much better temps than you already get, maybe 1'c if your lucky if its an i5/i7 sandy or ivy as they use thermal paste inside the lid not solder like they used to. so its would be a high risk low reward exercise
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