Do I need a new wifi router or wireless adapter?

Just got a new HP Pavilion and installed Windows 8.1. My wifi signal is very weak...Only two bars. Oddly it's twice as fast as my previous Windows 7 PC with 4 bars. I've done everything that can be done as far as settings/software tweaks/latest drivers.

The router I have now is a cheap older linksys. I would be satisfied with it, if it was closer, but my PC is upstairs and the router down.

This HP has onboard LAN. I see it fixed to the motherboard. There is a wire going from it, to an antenna at the front. I removed the front panel to see if that would increase the range...No it doesn't.

So I was curious what would be the more logical buy...A new router or perhaps one of these:

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  1. did you try changing the wifis channels(router settings not computer). if there is interference (no direct way to measure interference) a different channel could offer a better connection. its free and wont cost you anything. and im assuming its only 2.4ghz because you said older. if its a 2.4/5ghz dual freq try the other freq. ive notice that in my case 2.4ghz has twice the range over 5ghz.
  2. Yeah I moved it higher, but it could go a little higher with a new cable. As far as changing the channels, how would I go about doing that?

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    you would have to find your routers ip address(go to manufactures web site and look up what it is plus what the default username and password are)

    type address into internet explore windows should be in format of "//" two slashes followed by four sets of up to 3 numbers.

    type your routers username and password in(note sometimes its on the bottom of the router itself including the ip address you need for the step above)

    look though all the settings till you see something that says channel and change the number(it should be a number between 1 to 14 based and not all numbers may be there)

    *****removed duplicate step*******(note do not change any other settings)

    save settings and router should auto restart to change channel

    see if range is any better or not
  4. Ok, thanks! I just tried it. It was set to AUTO, but I tried each number. 10/11 were the worst. All the others seem to give me three bars. So I'll see about raising the router. I also might try one of these and hook it into the antenna array of my PC's LAN:
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