Disk Partition for Win 7 and Ubuntu 13.1

I Have a 1TB DRIVE. I wish to run win7 and Ubuntu 13.1 on it AND share common files or "data" between them. Obviously the way to do this is to create a partition or "D" drive for data.The problem is the win 7 installation was done using a system image from the original installation on a smaller drive that had this setup. ( Win7. Data and Ubuntu) The result is a disaster. No matter what I do I cannot utilise the entire drive. Somehow at least 250 gig remains stubbornly unallocated. When I try to increase the size of the Data drive or even create an additional data drive ( drive G) I get a message that the maximum number of partitions has been reached or that there is insufficient space to do this!. Can anyone suggest a way out of this impasse?
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    4 primary partitions per drive.
    Windows System Reserved
    Possibly Rescue partition thing from the original install

    Start over, with a clean Windows install. Not from the recovery thing. Then Linux.
    Create partitions as needed.
  2. u cannot create more than 4 primary partitions per hard disk. If u want more create logical partitions. Logical partitions can be created same as primary, just select the primary or logical option while doing partitions.
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