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I am looking to buy a portable battery pack that can be used to charge my laptop. I currently have a Sony Vaio flip series laptop. My knowledge is pretty limited when it comes to batteries, but my laptop currently has a battery with 1.2A (50/60Hz) input and 2.3A output.

I wonder if traditional power packs like Anker E5 which provides 15,000Mwh is sufficient for a laptop (to get say about 6 hours of extra battery life). I also wonder if most of the higher end battery packs are compatible with "all laptops", or do you have to specifically ensure that they are compatible in terms of voltage or other specs? Finally, when looking at the Anker E5, I notice it has no "connection tips" with it, so how do I use it with my Sony Vaio? Can I buy the connection tips separately?

I would appreciate some advice on this.
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  1. Hi, the Anker E5 are made for cellphones or anything with a charge at 5 volts DC from the USB port, they don't provide the voltage for a laptop. So, it will not work with a laptop.
  2. Thanks,

    Could you recommend a power pack for laptops and what exactly do I need to check to ensure that its compatible with my laptop model?
  3. From what I know, the only power pack compatible for a laptop is a spare battery, with the same voltage and a better amperage or mWh. Because you will have the same connector for your laptop. If someone have a better recommendation go ahead.
  4. Hi Guys,

    I eventually went for PowerGorilla and its been a decent choice so far.
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