4770 vs 4770k

I'm building my first PC. i have chosen all parts but it's when choosing CPU there are two choices 4770 and 4770k
yes k processor is unlocked but 4770 has TXT, vPro, VTd and TSX-NI compared to 4770k.
Is this technologies necessary for home gaming video edeting rendering PC build?
also im not sure ill overclock it. i think 3.9ghz is enough
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  1. If you dont OC the 4770 is fine.
    The K is for overclockers.
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    If you don't plan to overclock in the future just buy the non K version and add this amount to your gpu budget. On the other hand TXT, vPro, VTd and TSX-NI are not necessary stuff. Just a fuss for 99.9% users. Might be important for those 0.01% though.
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