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Hey everybody, I'm not too familiar with the final product of a DIY computer. My cousin told me to pick out components for a new computer we are building and I want to make sure I got parts that are compatible and some that I won't have to upgrade in a while. The list is below. If we can make this a little cheaper, that would be cool too. Any advice and comments are welcome!

Thanks for the help!!
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  1. Sorry, your shopping cart turns out empty... use the to save your parts list, or take a screenshot of the finished list if you prefer and upload it to and post the link here between
  2. Processor - - $225

    Motherboard - - $130

    RAM - - $80

    HDD - - $67

    Video Card - - $190

    Tower - - $40

    Power Supply - - $50
    Total - $782

    Sorry it took so long to get this up. I've been mega busy. Would still like to keep it under $700 if possible. Let me know whatcha think! Also, if you recommend any parts over the one's I've linked I'd love to hear why.

    Thanks again friends
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    Yes all your picks are compatible but as you requested I took the liberty of suggesting better components that you won't have to upgrade in a longer while.

    1. Mobo + CPU: You chose the 3rd generation Ivy Bridge CPU... So I suggest you pick the 4th generation Haswell edition CPU and a compatible Socket 1150 Motherboard with the same characteristics as the one in your list.

    2. RAM; you picked Team Zeus Red which is relatively unknown and is not even rated at newegg, so a better pick would be a set of Gskills with the same characteristics and maybe a bit higher price (Ripjaws) but even one with a lower price tag (Sniper Series) would be more desireable.

    3. Your selected HDD is a 5400RPM and it may not perform as you'd expect in games... so unless you want the power saving characteristics, a Caviar Blue would perform better and cost some $6.00 less.

    4. VIDEO; You can get another make of GeForce GTX 660 2GB 192-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express with SLI Support Video Card for less: MSI for $20.00 less or a EVGA for $10.00 less but you get a gift ASSASSIN'S CREED IV: BLACK FLAG worth $60.00

    5. PSU: You can get a much better model for $40.00 more... this is my suggestion considering the PSU should be a good quality item for better and longer lasting components.

    Your final price tag would be $55.00 higher but you get better components. Of course you could ignore the suggested PSU and reduce the difference to just $15.00 above your original list with prices from PCPricepicker prices come out a bit different induvidually but add up to a similar total.

    Saved parts list

    Or Download file Newegg Shopping Cart.pdf
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