Is it even possible to get RMA of a fried component?

Or a broke or non-working component for a built PC?
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    If the pre-built PC is still within its warranty period you should be able to get the component replaced. Check the system builder's support policy for obtaining service.
  2. Well, it'd be build just when you've all the Components... So yeah, it's within its warranty period... However, if it is fried yet I can RMA it?
  3. However, it'd be by Amazon ES (Spain) and some Spanish shops...
  4. If you're building it yourself then the only warranty coverage is the individual warranty available on each component.

    User caused damage is not covered.
  5. What if it is a non-working component? Not being my fault...
  6. JustANewUser said:
    What if it is a non-working component? Not being my fault...

    If it's still within the defective merchandise free exchange period of your vendor/shop then take/send it back to them for exchange after arranging for an RMA from them.

    Some shops won't exchange it so you'll have to deal with the manufacturer's warranty service process.
  7. Alright, thank you.
  8. JustANewUser said:
    What if it is a non-working component? Not being my fault...

    That doesn't seem to fit the description "a fried component". But it it was dead on arrival, or has failed immediately after purchase without misuse on your part, then normal consumer laws apply. I don't know where you live, so I can't tell what those laws are. Here in the UK the retailer is reonsibility and must replace the goods or refund the purchase price. If the goods were bought remotely (e.g. via the Internet) then the laws are even more in your favour.
  9. Well, I live in Spain, but I think those laws are similar here... No idea.
  10. In that case contact the retailer. I was just a little puzzled by the description "fried", which seems to imply that you know how the component was damaged. Perhaps it's a language misunderstanding.
  11. Nah, I was just wondering both things.

    Thank you.
  12. This isn't related to the topic, but could you tell me how would a Motherboard which supports USB 3.0 work with a Case which only has USB 2.0 slots?
  13. Is this a real problem or are you just wondering?

    In either case, you should start a new thread.
  14. It's a real problem... I liked a case, and it's even good for its price, but that's the problem... The story of above.

    However I'll start a new thread.

    Thank you.
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