Do I need a sound card for a headset?

I mean, of course my MOBO has a sound card. But I read in a headset's specs:

-Integrated USB sound card

How do they mean? Is it another sound card apart from the mobo's? Does it give you better perfomance?
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  1. Integrated as already on the motherboard. In the past you needed a separate sound card but for 99% of the users not anymore. The onboard sound is fine.
  2. If your PC provides a mini-jack output for headphones, just plug the headphones into that jack. Assuming of course that your headset utilizes analog cables. If you have a headset with a USB plug on the end, you should just be able to plug it into any of your USB ports and it will find the sound card. I think. It's been a long time since I used a USB-based headset. But an integrated sound chip on your motherboard should be able to give you everything a sound card will for a headset.
  3. Then I wonder why does the headset have an "integrated USB sound card"...

    By the way, speaking about headsets: what's better, jack or USB?
  4. I prefer jack. You don't need any extra software calculations to get you the sound. it is a hardware connection.
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