my ssd drive shows up as a sata instead of ssd

Hi all, any help appreciated , I installed a ssd in my secound hard drive ony asus gt75vx. For now I just want to use as storage, so I cat get the computer to see it as anything but a sata drive. It is set on ahci and all setttings are correct as far as I know. Help me get it to read drive as a ssd.
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    SATA (Serial ATA) is the interface, and all drives connected to your motherboard via SATA connectors will show up in the BIOS as SATA drives.
    The motherboard (and the bios and your applications) do not care if your drives have platters that spin or a bunch of NAND memory. Although the OS does and it changes some optimizations accordingly (and the OS does know, don't worry).

    The important thing is that the BIOS correctly recognizes the device, and from what you have reported it is OK.
    No worries. It is doing what it is supposed to do.
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