complicated situation with networking + storage problems - expert guidance needed

Hi all,
actually my problem involves 2 components: NETWORKING and STORAGE. since one cannot post the same question in 2 topics i decided to post here.
i am planning to buy a portable storage device (external). now that puts me into a huge number of "permutations/combinations" of various specifications like:
1. SSD (electronic flash) OR HDD (magnetic electro-mechanical)
2. port options like USB3.0, thunderbolt, e-SATA, SCSI, firewire, ethernet, wi-fi, and lots more (affects data transfer speed).
3. weight and dimensions - portable lightweight or just external bulky; 2.5 or 3.5 inches.
4. self-powered or external power-sourced.
5. heat dissipation, with / without cooling fan, outer aluminium case.
6. RAID configurations and daisy-chainable or not.
7. Noise.
8. Storage capacity.
9. Cost per GB.
10. Total cost.
11. Shock-proof and waterproof.
12. Reliability and Life of usage.
13. Warranty period.
14. Manufacturing company.
15. RPM of platters(5400, 7200, 10000, 15000) (affects data transfer speed).
16, cache size (affects data transfer speed).
17. Design aesthetics including shape, outer-case material grippability and colours.
18. compatibility with the file-systems of windows, mac, linux, etc.
19. bundled backup software.
20. bundled cloud storage.
plus any other stuff i am not aware of.

all said, my budget is upto INR 7000. specifications 9, 11, 12 are of prime importance. specification 13 should be atleast 5 years minimum. specification 14 should preferably be reliable and renowned. i am ok with external powered disks or not. capacity needed is 1TB or more. i dont need bundled cloud storage. i am somewhat contended with windows-compatibility, coz i dont possess any mac or linux products (except my android phone). i am not sure if SSD have higher life than magnetic HDD coz of absence of moving parts; all the same i am not sure if magnetic HDD have higher life than SSD coz of the low limit on the number of read-write-cycles of SSD. also i am aware that SSD are costlier than magnetic HDD. and i dont a want bulky HDD. specifications 5, 17 and 19 would be added advantages though not mandatory. i dont know about specification 6, so i request your valuable suggestions. specification 7 is of no concern to me. specifications 15 and 16 should be reasonably as high as my budget can support.

your EXPERT suggestions would be welcome and valuable to me in finding the right one. any website that allows me to choose the right product based on my choice of specifications would be much appreciated. my laptop has only USB3.0 ports and not firewire, thunderbolt, e-SATA, SCSI, etc; any workarounds for this to achieve maximum transfer speed? BTW i want the HDD to be able to connect to a USB3.0 port on my laptop and also transmit/receive through WiFi. since those HDD with built-in wi-fi antennas are costly, i am ok with those HDD with ethernet ports/jacks (in addition to a USB3.0 male connector) so that i can use the HDD's ethernet male connector to plug into the female ethernet port of my modem/router (netgear DGN1000) which has wifi antenna, as a workaround; if this HDD is also costly, another workaround maybe to connect the HDD's USB3.0 male connector to a FEMALE USB3.0-TO-MALE RJ45 ETHERNET ADAPTER which plugs into the female ethernet port in my modem/router which has wifi antenna. quite confusing ! i dont know which method is cheaper and feasible for a fast data exchange.

pl refer this
and more similar stuff.

BTW is a FEMALE USB3.0 TO MALE RJ45 ETHERNET ADAPTER practically possible? i found lots of these on e-bay ranging from 1 to 60 USD. are these working for real, or just cheats? if yes, what is the maximum transfer speed achievable by this setup?
2. also is a FEMALE USB3.0 TO wi-fi ADAPTER practically possible? i found lots of these on e-bay. are these working for real, or just cheats? if yes, what is the maximum transfer speed achievable by this setup? thanking you in advance:)
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