EVGA Displayport Hub: Does It Work With R9 290x for 6 monitors?

I'm stumped here. I'm trying to SLI 2 cards (Geforce gtx 770) or just go with 1 card (Radeon R9 290x) to try to use 6 monitors. I know with the 770 I can SLI the 2 and run 6 monitors (not all for gaming, just for work and I'm ok with gaming on 1), but the Radeon R9 290x says it supports 6 monitors. I want to save some money and get monitors with just displayport in (not out to daisy chain) so would something like this EVGA Displayport hub work to take the 4th monitor output to run 3 monitors on from the r9 290x?
That's the product, its available at evga for $99. This will turn the 4th port into a 3 monitor out if it works. I can't find any documentation on this. Thank you!
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  1. it will work 90% i think
  2. That's what I thought too, not good enough though :) I went with this setup instead:
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    it wont be good cause 1 monitor is 23 inch and others 24 it wil look strange...
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