Is this a good build for recording with FRAPS

And also video editing? I want to use 3 monitors just for video editing, a single one for recording. Will this build work?

How easy is it to switch between one monitor and the three?

I intend on recording the newest games.
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    Definitely, that CPU will process video like a boss, and those specs should last for this console generation. And its very easy to switch out your monitors with nvidia cards (to my knowledge)
  2. Very good but you could use the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo that would be quieter then the H100i won't cool quite as good but would cool enough that you can get a got oc for a fraction of the price of the H100i it cost about $35-$40.
  3. And get a 32 gig kit it is cheaper then getting 2 16 gig kits
  4. Ha! I have that cpu and mobo. Beware of the "freezing clock" issue on that (but not limited to) Asus mobo
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