Computer won't boot after adding new graphics card.

Hey everyone. I just purchased a new GT 640 from newegg and installed it in my computer, but now it wont boot. When I turn on the computer the card fan spins up and it goes past the BIOS and to the boot loader (Vista/7 dual boot). Once I select an OS it beeps once and restarts. If I take the card out it boots it runs fine. The power supply I have says its 500W and the required is only 350W. I dont think the card is DOA because the fan spins up?

Any ideas?

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  1. did you uninstall your old video card drivers before installing new card

    if not you can try booting in safe mode, open up device manager and delete your old video card off the list. then reboot computer
  2. I dont have another card installed. I'm using the on-board drivers right now. I did try booting in safe mode with the new card which did not work. I also tried to install the new cards drivers from the disk (without the card plugged in) but it "couldn't find the card" of course.
  3. So I uninstalled all previous Nvidia graphics drivers and made sure the BIOS was set to PCIe. It still boots, beeps once, and restarts. Does anyone have a suggestion?

  4. Have you disabled the onboard graphics in bios?
    Also disable onboard in device manager.
  5. I've done everything I can think of. I uninstalled the Intel graphics driver and even disabled it in Device Manager. I made sure the BIOS not set to on-board and was on PCIe (and tried PCI just to say I tried). It still refuses to install drivers or boot. I am able to boot however with the card in as long as I plug in the monitor to the motherboard. If I try to install the drivers from there I get the Nvidia "cannot find compatible hardware" message, but I was unable to fix that (with editing the .inf files).

    The only thing I have seen is that when I uninstall the Intel driver from Device Manager it does show a connected VGA device under "Other Devices".

    If I cant figure it out in a few days I'll bee sending it back.

    Thanks for the feedback and sorry it takes so long for replies, I'm very busy with work and school.
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