A friend just accidentally semi cut the ground wire mb connector, is he screwed?

firstly, i know generally what people will think when i say "a friend", but truly, my friend is asking me for help on his first build. He almost cut the ground wire that goes into the mb, he did nick it a little while he was cutting cable ties. it's the other cable on the power sw connector that goes onto the "ground" pin on the motherboard.

the computer still starts up, but how important is the ground connection?
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  1. Depends how badly did he cut it. If he just cut the insulation then put a piece of electrical tape around that area and your good to go.

    Not really sure how important a single ground connector is.
  2. It's on the power switch from the front panel, not the PSU?

    He should be fine; there's very little current down those lines.

    If he really wants to be safe, cut out the damaged portion and solder/heatshrink it up.
  3. The ground connection stops the buildup of any static electricity and discharges it safely. This avoids any damage to the internal components. Its not integral but if it were me, I'd make sure that the 2 parts f the wire are connected and wrap some insulation tape around it.
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    Eh? Not that ground, and that's not really the purpose of a ground connection. The ground for your case is the connection from the PSU case to the case itself. This is just the negative lead for the power button.

    I would wrap it up, though.
  5. okay, thanks :)
  6. Oh, I thought he was talking about one of the black wires on the 20+4pin connector....

    If its the power button, all that does is create a circuit. Tape it off, if it still turns the PC on then you don't need to worry.
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