Fans going really fast and loud?

I just built my computer not even 3-4 days ago and the computer went nice and quiet, now the computer is going really loud, i don't know what fan it is. The computer ran nicely around 22-25 degrees Celsius, now its at around 37.4-38.4. I have no idea what is going on. Will provide specs.
Answer please! Oh and the fans sound like there going down some, then shoot right back up to full speed.
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  1. step one open up case and figure out which fan is loud one. and is that the cpu temp or case temp your providing. if its cpu temp then that is good temp range if its the case temp then that's a little high
  2. The temp stick is in the fins of the heatsink to get readings of the CPU so yes its the CPU temp. And it's my CPU heatsink fan.
  3. cpu and motherboard info please
  4. AMD-FX-4100, Gigabye ga-78lmt-usb3. The fans never did this until today.
  5. I played Kingdom Hearts a second ago to see how loud it would get, but the CPU went up to 39C and then the fan sounded like a jet going off and the whole computer vibrated.
  6. Did you mount the heat sink on the cpu yourself? 39C is not so bad but with the fan so loud. Are you sure it is not hitting anything? You need to run it and look around to see what is going on in the case.

    Is there enough air flow into the case? What case do you have?
  7. Yes i mounted it countless times, I took off the heatsink and took a look at the thermal paste, it apparently just disappeared, There's still some on there but im getting some artic silver tomorrow and putting it on here and see how much it helps. I have a X-dreamer3 case and made sure nothing was touching it.
  8. Make sure you don't put too much thermal paste, It makes it worse.,3600-5.html

    What is your heatsink?
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    "CPU Smart FAN Control
    Enables or disables the CPU fan speed control function. Enabled allows the CPU fan to run at different
    speed according to the CPU temperature. You can adjust the fan speed with EasyTune based on system
    requirements. If disabled, CPU fan runs at full speed. (Default: Enabled)" from your motherboard manual

    in your bios settings make sure its enabled and then use easy tune to adjust your fan speed settings so its not spinning as fast.

    how do you get to much thermal paste if cpu temp is only 40C that's not going to be the issue here. if he had temps up around 60-70c or higher it could be but his cpu temps are good. its just the fan settigns are not tuned yet
  10. The EasyTune worked perfectly. Turns out for some reason the settings changed to fan speed to 100% at 34C. I clicked Default and it changed it back to its 66C. Thanks so much guys!
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