Boot issues after installing windows 7 onto Samsung laptop that came pre installed with Windows 8

Hi all, hoping someone might be able to help with this issue. I just installed windows 7 on my samsung laptop that came with windows 8 on it. I'm noticing now that it will not boot into windows 7 unless i hit f2 to get to setup screen. I then have to select csm os (even though its already selected), save changes and windows then boots. If i restart or shutdown and turn back on, I have to do the same thing. Hit f2 and select csm os even though its already selected. If i do not do this, it will just stay stuck on the samsung boot screen and not do anything else. Is there anyone for me to not have to do this work around?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. You probably still have the hidden boot partition from W8 on your HD, so it is asking you which OS to boot from, even though W8 is no longer there. Use Disk Manager and look at the Partitions. You probably have two 100 MB boot partitions, an OS partition and possibly a Repair or Restore partition ( which would be useless now as it was made for your W8 OS ). If it is labelled clearly you could "Delete" the unneeded partitions. However, if it is not clear, you could instantly crash and burn. If you haven't started to install lots of software yet, you might want to remove the drive and put it in an external enclosure and using another computer completely "delete" all of the partitions, then Re-install the drive in your laptop, and do a fresh install of W7 on a clean disk. No need to format the disk ahead of time as the W7 disk will do that for you. If you do this it would be a very good idea to use Windows Backup, turn on System Restore and make a recovery DVD right away, so you will be able to fix your computer in the future if you run into any bad problems.
  2. I went to disk management but it looks like there is only one partition. It does say I have 11MB of unallocated space but nothing that says recovery, or anything like that.
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    you will need to disable secure boot in the BIOS (UEFI) before it will let you install a legacy OS

    the 100 MB partition is where some critical files for windows will be placed, you can delete the partition but when you install windows it will try to make another one. I think the windows 7 default was 100MB and windows 8 was 200MB, it is for the boot loader and adds a little more protection from virus programs by having it on its own partition.
  4. Update, I actually got it to work but not sure if its the right way. I went back into F2 setup menu, and I disabled the fast boot option. The safe boot has already been disabled and set to CSM OS. Windows now boots up without me having to enter the F2 setup menu.
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