Photo/Video Editing Question...HELP!

Was wondering if i bought a copy of photoshop and lightroom 5 student/teacher edition..
They say you only get one licence per year or something. But do you need to pay each year???

Anyone able to explain what the deal is???

Thanks Heaps!
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    If you're referring to the using Adobe's Creative Cloud software, then yes, to my knowledge you have to pay a subscription fee each year, and then you get access to any program you want to use from their suite. Do you have a link to the 'deal' you're referring to?
  2. I see.. I was reading the terms of the student/teacher edition from i think it is :/ ) and it said you only get one licence per year.. so thought the student/teacher version might be like the CC one.

    Oh! and I did not see a deal... I was saying like...... What's the deal with Lightroom software??? :)

    Thanks for letting me know.
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