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Hello, I'm thinking of upgrading from my i5 750 to something more up to date speed wise. I'm not sure what path to take that would be the best increase in performance. I mostly use my comp for games and internet stuff. My current video card is a gtx 460 but I'm going to be getting a 760 very soon.

Looking for what would be the best options for a cpu and motherboard upgrade for around 300 or so?
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  1. You should be able to find a i5-4670K and any Z87 based motherboard for a bit more than $300.
    That is as good as it gets for gaming.

    Check microcenter if you live near one.
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    The i5 4670k is the best-performing gaming CPU in the market. It needs a z87 mobo. The best mobo brands are ASUS, MSi, and Gigabyte. Find a god one for around $100 and you will be set for any game.
    Also, because you are getting a GTX 760, consider buying that card from MSi, and then also purchasing an MSi motherboard. The Msi Gaming series stuff is nicely compatible and allows you to very easily (and safely) overclock your GPU to dramatically boost your in-game performance. Basically, just look for the red MSi dragon on your GPU and motherboard if this is interesting to you.

    Hope I helped :)
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